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Boost productivity with Makes360’s Free Online Timer—set your first timer now!

What does the online timer with sound mean?

The online timer is an online timekeeping tool that lets you set and count down time intervals with a custom alert sound.

It works much the same way as a physical timer, but the only difference is that it's available on every device with access to the internet.
You can use it for various purposes, from activity timing or cooking to taking breaks.

Features of our free online timer

One day God said “Let there be a timer🙌”, and here we are with our best online timer. Just Kidding!

Imagine having a timer at your fingertips, ready to help you stay on track with your tasks, whether cooking up a storm in the kitchen, powering through a workout, or simply managing your work breaks.

This handy digital companion ensures you never lose track of time, making your daily routines smoother and more efficient.

Let’s check out some of its top features:

Free Online Timer
Intuitive Design

A sleek and simple design ensures timer management with just a few clicks.

Multiple Timers

Our platform allows you to set and run multiple timers in different tabs.

Default Alert Sound

A standardised alert sound is present that can be heard when the timer ends.

Background Operation

Ensures the timer continues to run in your background with ease.

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Where can our free online timer be used?

Our online timer is not limited to just a few uses; instead, it offers flexibility across different areas.
Some of the most practical applications of our online timer include:

For Work

Break your work into intervals to stay focused—Maximise your productivity.

For Study

Enhance your study sessions with regular breaks to improve retention.

For Fitness

Manage your workouts and fitness precisely, whether you're doing HIIT or yoga.

For Cooking

Never burn a meal again! Perfectly time your cooking for tasty results every single time.

How does our online timer work?

An online timer is a tool that tracks a countdown from a specified duration and notifies you when the time is up.

Firstly, you enter the time you need, then start the countdown, and a visual display of numbers shows the remaining time in real time.
When the countdown ends, you will get notified with an alert sound.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to some of your questions here, contact us for more assistance.

Yes, our online timer is completely free with no hidden charges.

Absolutely! Our timer is mobile-friendly and works seamlessly on any device.

No, any online countdown timer will not work if your computer is on standby or sleep mode.

Yes, our online timer allows you to set custom times and alerts according to your needs.

Yes, you can set and run multiple timers at the same time, but on different tabs.

No, you can set the timer for any duration you need, from a few seconds to several hours.

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