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About Us - Makes360, digital service provider company, INDIA

Our history shows, why you need us as your digital service provider partner!

Makes360 a brand, a name, a faith you can rely on!! The belief of people who want themselves to grow in this digital era. Makes360 is an India-based IT company that is known for serving digital things to b2b and b2c clients across 54+ industries and all over the globe. We established our roots in the year 2018, in order to digitize customer's brands and to put their business on a growth curve. Since we visualize our customer's dreams to make their business digitally profitable - they make us the market leader.

We are the one-stop destination for all your digital needs. We work in the field of website things, mobile application development, graphics designing, digital marketing, internet branding, e-content, copywriting, IT consultation and everything in between from custom digital development to digital enterprise works.

We are a start-up that aims to be a brand and we have already worked with over 300+ projects and have a legitimate customer base. We are committed to our customers, apart from a 30 day money-back guarantee, we also ensure all the maintenance and full customer support for the whole project life.

Welcome To Makes360

Makes60, leading IT company

Apart from serving the clients, we as a software development company, offer a wide range of digital goods and e-bundles for business, such as 1000 GB graphics packs, databases, marketing software, scripts and codes bundle, etc.

We also have tons of automatic tools. On a wider range, we have our SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING Panel i.e., SMM360, Free QR code generator, image and pdf related tools, dynamic URL management web portals, freemium digital marketing tools, SEO and live site related tools, etc.

We are making too many things for the client and for the developers to fulfill their needs and requirements across the industries.

We as a company offer internship programs for various learners, and professionals, with generous pay-outs, fancy perks, certificates, goodies, and many more things.

We are a government-approved start-up, which got approved by both state and central governments of India. We have an incredible team, and we have been awarded various different awards including 'Best Data Analysis Person 2019'.

With over 300+ startups & business projects in our association, we as a software development company offer a wide range of services, including website work, mobile application development and digital marketing requirements.

Check our services below:

Website Works

Mobile Development

IT Consulting

Digital Marketing

Internet Branding


Makes360 Awards
Makes360 Awards

Client satisfaction is a thing that is utmost on the priority list. For our improvement, we ask our clients for their reviews and we have shared them all on our testimonials page.

PS: Thankyou for making Makes360 a FIVE START RATED (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐) digital service provider company.


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No matter who you are and from which industry you belong, Makes360 is here to facilitate your brand's online venture! Our highly customized team brings each client a deep industry knowledge and expert perspectives to offer them professionally qualified and business centric solutions in wide range of sectors.

Currently working with 54+ business industries around INDIA including:

Projects to Earn ₹

Political Campaigns


Healthcare & Medicine

NEWS & Media

Business & Start-up

E-commerce & Retail

54+ more..

MAKES360 comes up with great ideas, which help your business and customers a great deal. For around four years in the field of providing software solutions, we had worked on more than 200 projects and contributed vastly to the success of many companies.


The flames of passion

Our team is made up of a mix of skills from developers to engineers. We are a family, a big enough team to fulfill all the digital requirements of any business. We offer you full commitment with our work. We are a team of professionals, enthusiasts, and proper work ethics.

We are progressing because of the presence of a team with which the setup functions to serve the best. We believe the key to thrive and triumph is the core committee that propels the engine to march towards the accomplishment of goal.

We are not just a customer-centric company we equally care and value our employees and their opinions, we do not support unilateral decisions, as Makes360 takes all decisions after considering our team’s thoughts.

Team Makes360
Remote Software Development Company India

We love finding solutions to complicated problems by solving the unsolvable ones. Makes360 is known for its work and has more than 28+ digital solutions to represent your business on the Internet. Are you looking for a DIGITAL PARTNER? Makes360 would like to say, expect nothing less than PERFECT. Our prime objective is to put your business on a growth curve.

We have clear approaches, therefore our works are always Reliable, High quality, and Creative. As the most desired result, you will secure the highest ROI within the shortest time span.


So it all happened when one fine day I was sitting under a tree and an apple fell while I was staring at the sky thinking about the ideas I should imply to have my own Business!! Eureka. An apple fell! Just kidding. 😂 It is a long story about what happened, which we believe should be listened to rather be read.

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