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Makes360's Internship

Enhance your resume by interning with a budding startup!


Learn New SKILLS

Are you looking to optimize your internship experience & technical and business skills? If yes, you are in the right place


Industry Training

Apart from enabling you to put many IT concepts & theories, our internship will also provide career-changing experiences


Get Paid for Work

You will get paid by cash, goodies, and perks and we provide real clients to work with in process of your internship program


Certificates & Letters

You will get industry experience, certificates, and recommendation letters as per the internship program & performances


We help companies to find talents

Everyone knows that interns are the next generation of talent in any company. Internships not only provide a great industry and skills experience for college students, but internships are helping working professionals to become more successful in their careers.

In this era, everyone needs to acquire additional work experience to make themselves more employable before making career-related moves. Students and employers often struggle to get recruited and hired by the best companies. No one is looking at a stack of applicants with little or no proven experience.

Due to the recent shortage in global work skills, building your career experience is not exaggerated and internship roles are unique learning experiences that have become more important over the years; especially in terms of their benefits.

Top Companies With Makes360

Internships Offered by Makes360

Here is our real-time Internship program to brush your skills and for a wonderful resume!!

Current Openings: (Last Update - 07 Jun 2023)

Get job-ready for an in-demand career Break into a new field like Information technology or sale and marketing with a professional certificate!! Best Wishes, team Makes360

Digital Workshop

*ONE mo
  • Authorized certificate of completion
  • Online Internship + 3 field work as major project
  • Course duration - One months
  • Course Content
  • Internship and training certificate
  • Learn anytime & anywhere conveniently
  • Reg. fee - ₹9,000 ₹1,199 + 18% GST
  • Support available

Digital Marketing

*FOUR mo
  • Authorized certificate of completion
  • Online Internship + 4 field work as major project
  • Course duration - six months
  • Course Content
  • Internship and training certificate
  • Learn anytime & anywhere conveniently
  • Reg. fee - ₹23,000 ₹18,449 + 18% GST
  • Support available

Content Writing

*TWO mo
  • Authorized certificate of completion
  • 100% Online Internship
  • Course duration - two months
  • Course Content
  • Internship and training certificate
  • Learn anytime & anywhere conveniently
  • Reg. fee - ₹12,000 ₹8,449 + 18% GST
  • Support available

Looking for your CERTIFICATE? Here it is, click to Validate or Download!

Here are our all-official internship certificates that are providing the opportunity to celebrate the internship.


Good Interns Great Reviews


We are blessed to have fantastic reviews from 100+ interns. They have loved everything we taught & get return!! View Testimonials

My company had assigned Makes360 to redesign our company whole website and the output we got was really amazing. I would say they are just fabulous at their work and recommend them to everyone

Ananya Pathania
Content Writing | SEO

Nowadays, the website is a basic need of every business so we contacted Makes360 to create one for our business, their work is appreciable and the customer support which they provide is really great & awesome

Kaustubh Mongiya
Full Stack Development

The website made by Makes360 helped my business to grow at a higher rate and the price at which they provided the website is also affordable. Keep up the good work, team Makes360 - awesome

Aarjav Jain

Team Makes360, digital service provider company
Awards Won
Happy Interns

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to some of your questions here, contact us for more assistance.

Is the internship 100% online? Does it require any offline activities too?
The following internship is fully online, and hence there is no need for any physical classroom session. The lectures and assignments, works can be accessed anytime and anywhere through a smart web or mobile device.
What are the course of the internship program and session timings?
As this is a purely online internship program, you can choose to learn at any time of the day and for as much time as you want. Though we follow a well-established structure and schedule, we recommend a routine for you as well. But it finally depends on you, as you have to learn and start.
Can I just enrol in a single internship?
Yes! You surely can. To begin this, just click the internship of your interest and fill in the details to enrol. You are ready to learn, once the payment is made. For the same, you earn a certificate too.
Can I download the notes, work reference material, modules etc?
Yes, you can access and download the content of the course for the duration. And even have lifetime access to it for any further reference.
What software/tools would be needed for internship & how can I get all?
All the software/tools that you need for the internship would be shared with you during the training as and when you need them.
Can I get academic credit for my internship?
It is possible to get academic credit for your internship, through certain courses offered by Makes360. Only academic departments can offer credit, and policies differ greatly from one department to the next. Often your internship must relate directly to your major and will require you to complete a substantial research project or writing component as part of special studies course.
What will happen when my internship is over?
If you have completed the internship, you would be able to have lifetime access to your certificates and letters, also the goodies and pers will be provided to you through speed post at your home!
NOTE: Only a soft copy of the certificate will be awarded, which can be downloaded and printed anytime, if required.
I’m unable to make a payment. What to do now?
You can try to make the payment through a different card or account (maybe a friend or family). If the problem persists, contact us here!
What is the refund policy?
If you have enrolled, and are facing any technical problem then you can request a refund. But once the certificate has been generated, we shall not refund that.
My questions are not listed above. I need further help.
One of the most effective ways to get answers and plan for your internship search is to meet with our career counselor in person (Online, on Google Meet, Zoom Meet or Skype). We offer both 15-minute "mini" appointments and 30-minute appointments.
Please contact us at:
Call/Whatsapp: +91 91 3210 3210 | +1 205 691 3210
What are some benefits of internships and student work experience?
In addition to potential wages earned, student work and internship experience are valuable for exploring fields of work that you may wish to enter after graduation. Experience develops new skills and strengthens existing skills. Work experience helps you establish professional contacts in a potential field of interest. You will be able to demonstrate work-setting accomplishments in your resume.
How many hours can I work as a student?
If possible, wait to commit to an internship or job until you have a feeling for how much time you have beyond coursework, extracurricular activities, and some time for yourself. And note that our office receives job listings year-round and also receives short-term, project positions that do not require a long-term commitment. When classes are in session, students are advised to work no more than 20 hours/week.

Looking for your CERTIFICATE? Here it is, click to Validate or Download!

Here are our all-official internship certificates that are providing the opportunity to celebrate the internship.