At Makes360 we believe that transparency is the key when it comes to understanding our technologies, services and pricing structure. We ensure that each visitor is well-informed about our processes and the steps by which we will help them grow their business.

We are committed to converting your ideas into a profitable business. We encourage you to check our available files and keep checking back for updates, as we regularly update our materials on our download page.

Company Profile

Brand Guidelines & Presskit
Visit our presskit page to access Makes360's high quality logo and and its media resources to use in various contexts

Our Serives & Pricing

Static Website Proposal
Get a stunning advanced website today!! Fast, secure & a website that will generate BUSINESS & LEADS for you
Youtube Advertisement Proposal
Grow your business with YouTube Ads - Reach potential customers where they're watching
Google MAP proposal
Get your business registered on Google MAPS and visible to lakhs of people everyday

Our SOPs

Intern Handbook
The rules of conduct that all Makes360 next Intern, co-workers and subcontractors should follow

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