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Your suggestions and ideas are important to us. We appreciate the time that you spend to sending us feedback or suggestions. Your feedback goes directly to our team and we use it to improve the products, services and fix problems.

Please select an option to write your words!

Call Center Agent: By selecting this option, you can share your feedback to Makes360, about your last telephonic call experience. We are a remote software development company, don't hesitate to share your experience with us.

Franchise / Partner: To control the quality of products and services, we have keep sharp eyes on our franchise and partners. Please help us by sharing your words, we love to hear you. However, Your project will not in control of our franchise or partners in anyway, they are just to assist you.

Write Review: Makes360 believe in 100% transparency and quality, here you can write public reviews on trustpilot, a leading platform that collect independent, in-depth customers and business reviews.

How we use feedback

Thankyou for caring us. Anyone including our customers and partners can send their words directly through "Send Feedback" tool.

Even if you only click Yes or No, this is helpful as we can look at how many positive or negative responses each page/article gets. Articles that get mainly negative responses are then reviewed to see what can be done to improve them.

We check all responses that we get, and work to fix as fast as we can.

When you send feedback directly from our website, you can choose to include important details like project name, URL etc. These details help diagnose issues faster. The more information and details you include in your feedback, the more helpful it is for us. Even you can attach some screenshots or recreate the problem to help us to see, what you are experiencing.

We are here to fulfill the "customer-first" promise, for instant help please call on Makes360's customer care number 91 3210 3210.

Attention: Your privacy and identity will safe and guaranteed with us, we will not share your identity to anyone, not even to our franchise and partners.

How we collect feedback

We ask many time for feedback and suggestions to our customers and partners for products/services they are using.

At some point, we ask to our website/blog visitors to fill a survey form.

We keep eyes on comments and reviews, while a feedback button are present on each page of our site by the name of "Was this helpful?" and anyone can choose "YES" or "NO" according to their experience. Meanwhile, we have a R&D team to improve the services by considering the feedback.

You can also report abuse, or use the links above to send us your suggestions and ideas to us.

Still confuse?

In such case, I think you should call us directly to share your experience! To share your words directly to Makes360 please make a call on 91 3210 3210. Also, here is a blog article, that may help you more: How to send feedback directly to Makes360

PRO TIP: You can always go for a Google search, something like this: "Write review to Makes360", "Send feedback to Makes360" etc.

Some major changes we have made on your feedback!

Wherever possible, we try and make improvements based on feedback. The toggles below includes some of the changes we have made from feedback by our customers. Interesting? Here is a blog article for you: How we use your feedback to improve - Past stories

What we actually do with your feedback?

If you've ever left feedback from any page of our website through "Was this helpful? Yes | No", I'm sure - You know how we process your feedback.

The feedback we receive, is checked every day to identify changes that can be made straight away.
When you leave feedback, for example, a broken link or information that's missing or incorrect, a member of our team will go to the page/article to see what changes are needed.
Any simple changes can be made immediately. If the information on page is no longer correct, we might send this to our information experts to updated the page. We'll also check where else the information appears in the websites so that it's updated everywhere.

From here, you can view/print/download the the pdf infographic of "What happens to feedback left on the Makes360"

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