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CSR | Corporate Social Responsibility

Our CSR programs are driven by a sense of responsibility towards needful people in society

Being a responsible business organization, Makes360 feels proud in having a strong focus towards giving back to the community and social causes that bring changes in society. Working on the same belief, we feel proud to have joined too many Trust in India.

We are donating digital cash, services and products for success of our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). The core areas for Makes360' CSR programs are food, education, health and environment.

Furthermore, some of our team actively works on the same. All this combined, gives us a rise to social accountability by which a sense of duty towards the society with the philosophy of eternal peace of mind.

We are a medium size company, but we understand the great value of everyone, no matter how small their part.

All of us, as individuals and businesses, have a responsibility to minimize our negative impact on the environment and the society. So we are doing whatever we can afford to achieve it.

With CSR, we at Makes360 have to help and enrich the quality of life of the local community. We are committed to being a responsible business organization by initiating several local welfare programs since 2020.

We believe the paperless work culture is achievable. We try to avoid the use of paper as much as possible by making most of our correspondence, including digital invoice and business proposal.

We are energy savers with an ecological office policy that involves many digital panels for our customers and the team.

Fun Facts in the year of 2020, one of our interns, who began her practice at Makes360, continues to be part of our team and is thriving in the company. We aim to continue adding new talent to our projects!

There is a saying: Creating a strong business and building a better world are the same goals - they are both essential for long-term success. - Bill Ford

Organizations we partnered with

These are some of the steps we have taken to contribute to the society and the community. Apart from this, we also try to give back to the community in every possible way.

Hero Motors
SBI Cards
OYO Rooms
Patanjaki Ayurved
Vodafone Idea
Zee Learn

Are you part of a non-profit organization in food, education, health and environment?

Send us an e-mail to, we can HELP you there!

Why our CSR is public?

We decided to make our CSR public for two main reasons:
(i) We want to be more visible to organizations looking for help.
(ii) We would like to inspire businesses to adopt a similar approach.