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Certificates | Makes360, digital service provider company, India

Here you can validate or download any certificate issued by Makes360

We at Makes360 provide certificates to our customers, interns, team, and franchises to create a bond of affection and trust. Here on this page, you’ll get to know about what and how our certificate works. We provide different types of certificates, to different people, as we are approved by the government which makes our certificate worth using. All our certificates have a unique way of presentation because of their respective ID numbers.

Certificates we issue:

We issue different types of certificates in different fields, to explain further Makes360 has 4 types of certificates and they are as follows:

1. Internship Certificate:

Internship certificates are those certificates provided to interns of Makes360 after completion of their respective internships. Every certificate provided to the interns has its unique certificate ID by which the certificate can be tracked, download, and validate. Any intern of Makes360 can download their internship certificate, once they’ve crossed the required eligibilities for the same.

2. Work Experience Certificate

An experience certificate is given to those who are working within the core team of Makes360 or working under the proper employee tag within the company, work experience certificate is given at that time when any particular has been completed a minimum of 8 months in the team. The work experience certificate can be downloaded, once they’ve crossed the required eligibilities for the same.

Note: Certificates are given under categories to the interns, core team members, and employees based on their past performances, their performance is constantly tracked via the scoreboard. The certificate is divided into five categories A, B, C, D, and O; where ‘O’ represents outstanding and A, B, C, D are respective grades accordingly. If Makes360 fires any particular then also he/she will be eligible for a certificate if fired after completion of two months from his/ her joining date.

3. Digital-Partnership Certificate:

A digital-Partnership certificate is given to any client of Makes360 whose project is 100% completed and live. We send them their certificates physically as a gesture of our love and gratitude for showing faith in us. These certificates can also be validated by their respective certificate IDs.

4. Trustpoint Certificates:

We have our authorized trust points and we give them an authorization certificate as a trust point of Makes360, this is because we have a 100% transparency policy of everything between us and our clients and even with every individual connected with us.

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Why do we have these many certificates?

We have four types of certificates all because we want transparency and value. For example, the certificates of internship and experience certificates add value to the resume of people working with and for us.

The certificate of the digital partnership and TrustPoint is given to make a bond of love and affection between us and our clients. These certificates are a gesture of gratitude towards the people who show trust in us. Also, a proof of things and guarantee to our customer, by this - we could have a sense of trust.

Download and Validate Makes360 Certificates

Validate & Download any Certificate:

Makes360 is not just a digital service provider company but a family of professionals and technicians who are the masters of their field.

Any certificates issued by Makes360 can be validated by a simple procedure; you can follow these simple steps:

1. Open Browser > 2. Search 'Makes360 Certificate' > 3. Click on 'GET CERTIFICATE' > 4. Enter your Certificate ID
Or you can go to the link:

What exactly is a certificate ID?

The certificate ID is a unique id combination of 14 random numbers that are arranged in an AI-based sequence and works as the identifier of each unique certificate issued by Makes360.

Makes360's certificate IDs are generated using a special terminology, we arranged all certificate IDs in such a way that anyone can verify a certificate even without the Internet, which could be better explained using an example;

For an example:

Alok Nath started as an intern in January 2022, and complete his certification in March 2022 then his certificate ID would be:

Year – 22 From month – 01, To month – 03, First number of name's first alphabet – 01, Second number of name’s second alphabet – 12, First number of last name's first alphabet – 14, Second number of Last name’s Second alphabet – 01, and last an AI-based unique number – XX,

then his certificate ID will be generated as 2201-0301-1214-01XX

I forgot my certificate ID?

You can find your certificate ID:

1. You can see your certificate ID on top of your certificate.

2. In case of loss of certificate ID - you need to go to the certificate validation section, enter your email address and DOB, after these two simple steps - follow the instructions as provided and there you get your certificate ID.

3. Either, you can contact our support team.

Makes360 Certificate ID
Forgot Reset Makes360 Certificate ID

There can’t be many errors occurring while validating, downloading a certificate, the main errors that could come are as follows:

1. Invalid credentials: As the process is automatic, and the data is stored in our secured database so the problem that could occur is invalid credentials by a typing error, this problem could be solved by cross-checking the credentials

2. Sample certificate: If you haven’t completed the time essential for your eligibility for a certificate then your certificate would be having a watermark of the sample. Once the period is completed for being eligible for a legitimate certificate then, the watermark would be removed automatically and you can download the certificate.

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