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'Spin & Win' get discount from ₹300 to ₹3,000 on projects

Discounts and offers are the favorite things for everyone and Makes360 cares for their customers!!
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We all know that discounts and offers are the favorite things for everyone and Makes360 cares for their customers!! So,

Welcome to the 'Spin-N-Win' page of Makes360, you have probably visited too many websites that offer discounts and offers. The Makes360's 'Spin-N-Win' wheel is one of them, where you can win big discount coupons for your projects, just by spinning a wheel for free. We introduced this page for all the existing and non-existing customers to spin and win amazing discount offers.

How to spin?

Spinning this wheel is very simple and all potential customers should spin this at least once before starting any project with Makes360.

The wheel works by displaying different discount coupons on the screen, and users have the chance to win one discount coupon out of 12, i.e. up to ₹3,000. This will make - the work that our clients want is done at very low price and in budget.

Users have to fill some basic details that include their name, and contact number, and then an OTP will be sent on their mobile number. After filling in all the details, the user can spin the wheel and win amazing discounts on upcoming projects.

How does 'Spin & Win' work?

This Spin-N-Win is a random luck-based spinner. By spinning the wheel, you could win discount coupons that will help to save from ₹3,00 to ₹3,000 on your upcoming projects, and that would be awesome.

You can take part multiple times in order to check your luck and secure amazing discounts. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of spinning the wheel and somehow landing on a jackpot. All you need to fill the details and click on 'Submit & SPIN NOW', and that's it!!

How to redeem the discount that you have won?

The first question after receiving the offer - that comes to our mind is how to redeem it. Once you have received your discount offer, you have to signup on CMS or call us on our helpline number +91 91 3210 3210 or email us at

Everything regarding the offers and discounts will be guided to you through our team so that you do not face any problems in redeeming your discount.

Now you may question where are these offers valid? So, you can use these discounts on any invoice of Makes360 that may include projects like brand building, digital marketing, website development, mobile application development, etc. These offers are not valid for any product-based requirements.