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Quick Corner

What is Encoding?

Encoding or encryption is the key to transforming the data from its original form in a way that would allow it to be transmitted, stored or processed safely in other systems. This transformation usually requires converting characters into formats that can be uniformly interpreted and processed, e.g., binary data into text.

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What to know

What is a URL encoder?

URL encoder is basically a tool that is used to convert the URLs into encoded forms. A URL encoder is a software tool which can translate a URL or an article of text into a format that can be transmitted as data over the Internet.

URLs contain characters that may not be understood or processed by browsers or servers adequately due to their appropriateness. For these characters to mean what is intended, they should be encoded.

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How to use

How to use our Free Online Case Converter Tool?

Using our free online case converter tool is straightforward.
Follow these steps to convert your text to the desired case format quickly:

Input Your Text

Paste or type your text into the provided text input box.

Select the Option

Select the desired option from the 4 cases present.

Convert the Text

Click the button as per your desired case format.

Copy and use

Use "Copy Text" button to copy the converted text.

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: Colon %3A
/ Forward Slash %2F
? Question Mark %3F
# Hash %23
[ Left Square Bracket %5B
] Right Square Bracket %5D
@ At Sign %40
! Exclamation Mark %21
$ Dollor Sign %24
& Ampersand %26
' Single Quote %27
( Left Paranthesis %28
) Right Paranthesis %29
* Asterisk %2A
+ Plus Sign %2B
, Comma %2C
; Semicolon %3B
= Equals Sign %3D