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Did you know that the average professional spends over 30% of their workday composing emails and documents?

With such a significant portion of our daily activities dedicated to writing, it's essential to have a reliable tool for word count and character count.

#No.1 FREE Word Counter Tool

What is word counter?

An online word counter tool is a digital service designed to accurately tally the number of words, characters, sentences, and paragraphs within a given text. By typing or pasting the text into the tool's text area, users receive immediate analysis. This tool is particularly advantageous for writers, students, professionals, and individuals seeking efficient text management.

Additionally, it may offer supplementary functions such as text conversions (e.g., uppercase, lowercase, and title case), comprehensive text analytics, and live feedback. Accessible from any internet-enabled device, an online word counter provides a convenient and adaptable solution for text analysis requirements.

Free word counter

How do you use the online word counter tool?

Using our online word counter tool is straightforward.

Let’s check it out:

Enter Your Text

To begin, simply paste your content into the text input area provided, or if you prefer, type your content directly into the box.

Analyse Your Text

Upon input, the tool will, on the spot, show word count, character count, sentence count, and paragraph count.

Copy and Utilise

Copy and utilise the text for your desired application after reviewing the analysis and modifications.

Features of our free online word counter tool

Our online word counter serves writers, students, professionals, and individuals seeking efficient text management.

Here's a detailed look at what we offer:

Text Analysis Tools

Character Count

Tally the characters in words, assisting you in reaching precise character limits for writing tasks.

Word Count

Effortlessly calculate the total number of words in your text with immediate and precise results.

Sentence Count

Know the number of sentences in your text to ensure proper structure and readability.

Paragraph Count

Easily know the exact number of paragraphs, in your text, and ensure that your content is well-organised.

Additional Text Transformation Tools

Uppercase Conversion

Convert your entire text to uppercase with just a single click.

Lowercase Conversion

Transform your text to lowercase quickly and effortlessly.

Title Case Conversion

Change to title case, where the first letter of each word is capitalised.

Sentence Case Conversion

Apply sentence case, where first letter of first word is capitalised.

Stick to Limits

Platforms often have specific word or character limits, such as Twitter's 280-character limit and SMS's 160-character limit. Social media, job applications, and academic assignments also impose strict guidelines. A word counter ensures your text meets these limits without manual counting.

Free Web Design and Development Cost Calculator
Free Web Design and Development Cost Calculator

SEO and Social Media

In digital marketing and content creation, optimising the length of titles, descriptions, and posts is crucial. Meta descriptions should ideally be within 155 characters for optimal display in Google search results. Similarly, titles and posts on various social media platforms have specific limits.

Improving Readability and Engagement

Monitoring the length of sentences and paragraphs can enhance the readability of your content. Shorter and concise sentences are generally easier to read and more engaging than the longer ones, especially in digital formats with shorter attention spans.

Free Web Design and Development Cost Calculator
Free Web Design and Development Cost Calculator

Maintaining Professional Standards

In academic and professional writing, sticking to specified word counts demonstrates the ability to follow instructions and maintain conciseness or elaboration as required. Overly wordy or too brief submissions can be penalised or regarded as incomplete.

Real-time Feedback

A word counter tool that provides real-time feedback allows writers to adjust their content on the fly. This is particularly useful for tasks with strict limits, such as writing, summaries, or fitting content into predefined space factors on forms or templates.

Free Web Design and Development Cost Calculator
Free Web Design and Development Cost Calculator

Adaptable Across Formats

Such tools are useful across various types of documents and writing tasks, from tweets and social media posts to essays, reports, and novels. This versatility makes them a valuable tool for writers, students, professionals, and marketers alike.

Why is our free online word counter tool best for you?

"What makes our tool the best word count online tool?" It's versatility and ease of use. With our online word and character counter, you can quickly switch between different text transformations, such as converting to uppercase, lowercase, or title case. Additionally, our character counter online with spaces feature ensures that every character, including spaces, is counted, providing a detailed analysis of your text.

Whether you're a writer, professional, or student our free word count checker and free word count generator are designed to meet all your text analysis needs. By using our online word counter website, you can ensure that your writing is effective, clear, and concise.


Yes, your text data is fully secure. We utilise industry-standard encryption protocols to safeguard your information during transmission. Moreover, we do not retain any of the text you input; all data is promptly discarded after processing to maintain your privacy.

Our online word counter is crafted to be entirely responsive, functioning seamlessly across all leading browsers and operating systems, even on mobile devices. Whether you're using a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, the interface dynamically adapts to deliver the optimal user experience.

Yes, our tool includes counting characters in words online with spaces.

Yes, our tool is optimised for speed and efficiency, allowing you to analyse large volumes of text quickly with no limits defined.

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