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Makes360 | Remote Software Development Company

The freedom of workplace is best for the growth of our customers!!

In unusual times, you need something more than usual. So do we. That’s why we decided to go 100% remote even before outbreak of coronavirus in 2020. If I talk in brief, remote companies are companies that do not need a physical office to work, where employees works in numerous time zones. It seems as freelancing, contract work, frontline work etc, but we are a company - we are doing everything in-house, at one office - fully remote.

However, you can find and reach Makes360's trustpoints in 4 countries, 19+ sates, and 1324+ cities.

Going to work can be expensive you have got travel cost’s, colleague present’s, endless clothes and much more. Remote working saves on these expenses, which can add up to a substantial amount in your project.

This makes us 66% less expensive and 200% more faster in market - we start any digital projec just with a phone call.

Talking about a team, building a successful team is about more than finding a group of people with the right mix of professional skills.

In Makes360, we have limited people working with us but they all are dedicated and master’s in their works with numerous professional skills. Us being a team, we encourage team members to share ideas, consider solutions and solve problems together. We all have goal-oriented mindset which makes us a successful yet prodigious team.

Recognized by top tech firms

To be transparent, it was much easier than we thought!!

96% of projects done remotely

The clients and our teams have been working remotely in 96% on all the projects, including software and hardware projects across 54+ industries. This means we had experience and processes ready to switch to fully a remote envirnoment.

100% of us dealt with remote work before

Even though we have 600+ locations, trustpoints and office space, we were always able to work from home – or from elsewhere – whenever it was more convenient. We are used to using tools that facilitate communication, time & progress tracking, and project management.

That’s why

100% of our projects even during the pandemic went with no delays

Our team and clients have never experienced any delays in projects completion during the outbreak of COVID-19.

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Makes360 is a remote software development company that works with b2b and b2c customers all over the globe. Remote setup is highly beneficial and profitable for both our customers and us. Now, working in remote conditions is easy for us - we have mastered the project roadmap and working schedules modified to work independently with an absolute sense of responsibility.

Its cost-saving capability is the advantage of each customer. The freedom of the company's workplace is best for the customer's business growth as it triggers unique ideas and liberates creativity.

Remote Software Development Company

Our team works as an integrated unit that leads to serving the better of our work. Our remote designing and development work is managed by a team of professionals who are well aware of digital trends and work. Constant meets and discussions take place so as to ensure the team is always on the track. Remote software development is the base structure of our company and we made this possible with the trust of our 1000+ customers and their diligent devotion to us.

Fully Remote Software Development Company

Having worked on over 300+ remote software development projects, we’ve faced a variety of challenges and we’ve tested different ways of dealing.

As a result, we have established a set of best practices that help us manage remote projects effectively – just as if we were sitting next to each other.

What a team! Fabulous. Starting from task, Makes360 was very good at giving us new ideas for how the app may be more user-friendly to completion.

DR. Akanksha Abhishek
Doctor / Patna, Bihar
Recognized by top tech firms