Payment related T & C

Terms and conditions that is directly related to payment settlement between Makes360 and our client(s)/partner(s) are given below. If you have a partnership with Makes360, you have to agree with these payment terms.

* You can read this Terms of Sale on your Business proposal too, on page number 7.

New purchase
• For every new project, you have to pay at least 60% of total amount.
EXCEPTION: You have to clear your invoice by 100%, if your project related to (i) Digital Advertisement, (ii) VIP Fancy Number, (iii) IVR Solution, (iv) Graphics & Logo, (v) Video Animations. 
• And rest of 40% in next 15 days. (Date will count from the launch date of project).

• You can make a maximum overdue of 7 days. (Date will count from which Invoice generated). After 7 days of over due - you have to pay extra 50 INR/week!
• In case of over limit the overdue period, and if you have an overdue of more than INR.100, Your your digital products will goes shut down temporary.
• + some features may disabled or unavailable temporary from your admin panel.
• + In case of domain expires, you have to follow Godaddy's terms.
• If you cross the maximum overdue limit i.e 30 days, your product(s) will dump permanently, in such case you need to re-order the project.

• For every renewals, your next invoice will be generated abjectly before 30 day of actual expiry date. You can pay your bills in the next 15 days. (Date will count from which Invoice generates).
• For every renewals, you can set maximum two installments payment (60% and 40% of total).

Read our Policy here.

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