Welcome to Makes360's eKYC portal, this is an important process of verification of the identity of the customers/partners either before or during the start of doing business with us. Please note this: Makes360's eKYC is not compulsory for all customers, only selected customers/partners are restricted to do their customers KYC process completed before allowing them complete access to all services.

How KYC are helping Makes360?
This is a precaution against illegal activities like money laundering, misusing the product or services. It helps Makes360 to recognize the client and their businesses to keep track such activities or suspect them beforehand. Apart from being a legal requirement, completing the procedure will also help you gain access to many of company's premium products and get transactions done faster.

To do business with Makes360, are the KYC process compulsory?
No, there are restrictions for selected customers/partners only. If there are need to take you through KYC process, Makes360 will inform you.

What type of things Makes360 is collecting for KYC?
We are colleting basic customer details such as name, address, contact information etc. Also the business details such as business registration, ownership etcetera are collected. Also you might have to attach a few attested documents as proof of each.

What about customers privacy and security?
Never fear, we are highly committed to our customers. Your personal and professional data/information are 100% safe and secure with us. To read more about "How Makes360 using customers/partners data?" you can visit our policies page here.

Fill this form carefully to compleate your eKYC with Makes360, we will inform you once we verify you KYC details.