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Our commitment

Our commitment | Makes360, digital service provider company, INDIA

Makes360 is known for the excellent support that we provide to our valuable clients. We believe that a strong and trusted network of clients and customers can only be established when the services provided exceeds the mark of just being good or satisfactory, it engages advancement of technology, corporate philanthropy, advocacy, negotiations and outreach. All the sectors and communities that we are associated with have our engagement with active reach and response.

Our commitment is to return the better for taken good from the society; the digital community is the sector of our significant consideration that we are always delighted to serve to. It is our paramount responsibility to match the levels of expectation of our users and clients, complete team of Makes360 works in a way that suits to the needs of the clients and is in their whole support and access.

Not only do we fulfill the requirement and expectations but also adhere to a protocol that ensures the complete safety and privacy of the users and their credentials from our end. Policies of our commitment are crystal clear and in the interest of users so they do not face obstructions reaching us or seeking the all time available support.

1. Security and Privacy

The work ethics we abide by ensures the complete safety of client’s data. At Makes360, it is our best possible effort to secure your data at every end of the process and procedure, creating an algorithm that locks the data of users within the reach of themselves and our core team, has been the followed legacy of our company.

We have always placed a priority in maintaining the privacy of our customers and protecting the data. We also don’t collect any unnecessary pile of data or information and narrow the categories of collection to the minimum requisite and vital necessary details. With us you can be sure of the safety of your data and information and can trust us with complete transparency.

2. Reasonable and Affordable Pricing

We are committed to providing our clients the services which fulfills their requirements and gives them satisfaction. With wide range of services provided we also make sure that costing is also fully reasonable and affordable for the customers.

The pricing for every service or project is not predefined and the users are given access to estimate the cost of the services prior to any kind of contract. Our team professionals will guide you well before the project about the reasonable pricing and costing of the services they wish to avail. Makes360 ensures the most effective and reasonable costing of your project.

3. Proper Working Ethics

As per our company policies, every work has a unique set of procedure to be followed by the executives. Each task is assigned with proper and detailed method of functioning so as to ensure the uninterrupted flow of work.

Proper system is mandatory for the work and every service is provided after the optimal level of checking and curation. All the tasks and services, users wish to avail are handled by experts of their field who are well aware of the company’s commitments and dispatch the best of their knowledge and expertise to the dear customers.

4. Punctuality

Makes360 is committed with time for the dispatch of services. We know the value of time and promises made and thus we ensure that we fulfill our promise to dispatch the services from our end at the pre-decided timing.

It is in the best of our efforts to make sure that services and projects reach you on time so as to avoid any chances of inconvenience to our clients.

5. Efficiency

Commitment to provide the efficiency in work has always been the main agenda of Makes360. It is matter of our priority that whatever we do, we do it with full efficiency and perfection.

We always try to match the expectations of clients and maintain the legacy of dispatching the efficient work from our end that brings smile of content and happiness on the faces of our dear customers.

6. 24/7 Accessible Contact and Full Support

Makes360 is always in the support of all the users and visitors. With 24/7 help desk, our support team is always ready to provide you guidance in the related field. We believe happy and satisfied customers are the most valuable assets for our company and thus we don’t fail to provide support to anyone regardless of time and circumstances.

Makes360 is always here to help you out with digital needs and tech-related queries. Feel free to contact us for the free consultation and estimation of your project anytime and we assure you to provide the best possible ways, innovative ideas and reasonable pricing.

7. Maintenance

We are a company that believes in long term connects that we not only provide you services but also assure to maintain them in future from our end if required. We are committed to provide the best maintenance of projects and services our users avail.

A well structured code of functioning is defined in our setup that maintains the efficiency of your projects on the constant basis. We are an integrated team that adheres to stand in your interest always.

8. After-Launch Support

It is the policy of Makes360 that we provide support to our clients even after the launch of projects or dispatch of services. For any queries or extended support if required, we are available all the time and assure to resolve them to the best of our possibilities and support.

Completion of work does not mark end of our relation with clients, it is a perpetual contact of support that we make with customers so they can freely contact us whenever in need.

9. Transparency

We are committed to a transparent policy by which every detail is shared with our customers related to the collection of their data or progress of their project. The channel of transparency helps build trust and efficiency in the work.

We believe in transparent accounting of data and providing clear and relevant information regarding our services and projects help our customers to know us and our functioning better, it significantly helps us to improve and serve better.

10. Guarantee

When you trust Makes360 with your work or project it becomes the matter of our utmost concern and priority to respond and maintain the enhanced level of trust with active support.

Any service or project that is relied on us is in safe hands of professionals and trusted team that manage your work and ensure its smooth functioning and growth. We are committed to your best interest and promise to maintain the legacy of excellence with the guarantee to provide a satisfactory response to your approach.

Makes360 is a professional company that well understands the demands and expectations of digital era and the community. Due to the same reason we are committed to policies mentioned above so as to ensure the best interest of the digital community.

Our every advancement is significant and is making important contribution to the digital globe. We are turning these words into effective actions since 2018 but we are nowhere close to declare victory because we believe in incessant growth of actions and perpetual development of working principles. We are committed to constantly improve our services for the better with the advancing times that will allow us to work and serve in more coherent manner.