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Makes360 is GDPR and ISO ready company

Data security is our priority, your privacy is guaranteed and safe with us.

What is GDPR?

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a law under the jurisdiction of data protection and privacy that effectuates business organizations to safeguard personal and business-sensitive data of their customers in order to ensure complete privacy of digital well being of users and gives them sufficient control over their personal data to regulate their privacy on the internet.

GDPR imposes to all the globally existing companies, portals and business organizations that involve storing and processing of business-sensitive and personal data.

The GDPR, consisting of 7 principles, 173+ regulations, and 99 articles, mandates new approaches to data security by provisioning legislative solutions to data breaches and ensure confidentiality and privacy of personal data.

How ISO:27001 (International Organization for Standardization) and GDPR related with each other?

Similar to GDPR, ISO:27001 is an international information security standard that helps companies to adopt best practices for implementing and maintaining customers data. The aim of ISO is to control data security, integrity and availability by helping business organizations to comply with legal standards.

GDPR and ISO standards have mutual fundamental agenda, that is to control and secure data, both contain several similar rules for data security and protection. Although, there are several differences between GDPR and ISO, both of them aim to curtail and eventually nullify cyber threats (internal or external) and security violations.

The similarities between both these standards are:

  • Data Integrity, Availability, Confidentiality
  • Risk Assessment
  • Notification Of Data Breaches
  • Data Protection Measures
  • Documenting Security Processes
  • Makes360 GDPR
    How Makes360 is GDPR compliant?
    Our policies and commitment restrict any breach of our customers’ data and we ensure that their data is safe with us and in full control of them.

    We comply to all 7 principles of GDPR and our customers can easily manage their data by logging into account.

    We are committed to multi-level corporate security policies and procedures to protect loss, misuse or unauthorized distribution of any business-sensitive information of our customers.

    Makes360 follow GDPR and ISO rules to protect their customer's data and privacy

    • Deletion and modification of data:Every customer associated with us reserves complete rights to ask for their personal data and its modification at any time. Customers are provided with easily accessible authority to modify their data themselves by logging into their Makes360's account.

    • Data protection officer: We have well-qualified DPO (Data Protection Officer) who oversees data protection strategy and ensures compliance with all terms of GDPR and ISO.

    • Encrypted data: Our system stores encrypted data and manage end-to-end security controls while processing.

    • Secure communication channels: We use secure communication channels to ensure complete security and privacy of communication. To establish stable security, Makes360 has one and only one customer care number that is 91 3210 3210, available for all communication.

    • Consent of users: We obtain the consent of users to support consent policy for the use of cookies and any other data collection in prior. You can read more about data collection and how we process these data on our legal page.

    • Notification of breaches: Although, our stern policies and data security system ensure nil probability of any data breach but incase, if happens due to any undetectable and unavoidable technical glitches, we report that within 72 hours of occurrence.