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Hi there! Thanks for stopping by! To reach Makes360, kindly mail us form below. PS: Please enter your contact details and a short message below and we will try to answer your query as soon as possible. Have a great day ahead!


All general services and product inquiries can be asked here, if you would like to go with Gmail, write at help.makes360[@]


Write to CEO desk


Write to the 'Human Resource' desk about a concern or employment opportunity.


Are you a customer of ours? Want to share any resources or write any project brief; use this email.


We offer a wide variety of internships from digital workshops to digital marketing. You can learn more by visiting the page about internships provided by Makes360 or by contacting us by email. All certificates and payment related queries can be written here.


You may be thinking about careers in the digital field. We as a digital service provider company help students and professionals like you to learn and explore different careers in different fields like graphic designing, content writing, digital marketing, programming, sales etc. To know more about what type of career and how Makes360 would be beneficial for it, you can write to this department.
PS: Don't forget to attach your CV or Resume, if you feel required.


We provide various sponsorships for social events that lead to social services, the growth of children and secure their futures, and environmentally friendly services or events. We are always ready to step in if the cause is beneficial for everyone and will make a positive change in someone’s life. To know more about the steps followed for sponsorship you can write here.


If you wanted to write anything in the public domain do ask here for images and related materials. Also, do not forget to write your basic introduction, especially your author profile in composing section of your mail.
PS: You can read more about guest posts on Makes360 here.


We believe in helping our customers and if there are any project cancellation, payments related, or refund related queries, you can write here.


Write here for inquiries about partnerships with Makes360 and our trust points. Customers can also write suggestions or complaints about our trustpoint or the about our franchises.


As a visitor or client, one should always know the terms of the company. There are many more factors that remain unknown to the clients or visitors. You can visit the legal page of Makes360 to learn more about the terms under which we do business together, or you can write here if you have any questions. We will make sure to guide you best and solve your legal queries within 24 hours.


This email of Makes360 is designated to an agent who receives the notification of alleged infringement under the DMCA. Upon receipt of proper notification of claimed infringement, Makes360 will follow the procedures outlined herein and in the DMCA.


Write here for any press related inquiries or for digital assets requirements. Don't forget to check the Presskit & Design Page of Makes360.

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