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Our mission is to help businesses grow rich. If you share a similar mission, join us!! Makes360 understands the value of combined strength, this belief led us to partner with many prominent industries. Partnering with us enables you to provide endless growth to your clients, while you can earn up to five lakhs per month - by doing almost nothing.



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Start letting people know about Makes360 through you & submit potential leads to us

Earn recurring commissions

You will get paid a minimum of ₹2,000 and bonus on every new project and renewal as well

Through our affiliate program, we are focused on straightforward and fair associations that together provide services and earning to clients and businesses. You as our partner can boost your business and revenue through our association. You will be able to market and sell our services to your local customers and expand your business.


1. On any referral project, you will get a flat 20% of the total project budget up to ₹2,000 fixed and guaranteed + Extra bonuses up to ₹50,000 (if applicable).

2. When you successfully refer 10 projects to us - you will get ₹10,000 as extra bonus.

3. When you successfully refer 50 projects to us - you will get ₹50,000 as extra bonus and grand surprise cash up to ₹2,50,000.

4. On every yearly renewal of your referral projects you will get 5% unlimited, of the total invoice as a lifetime royalty.

5. We will polish your marketing and business inventories and provide tons of materials for marketing with 24x7 support.

Our client-centric engagement models will help you to include offers for your customers that will generate more business for you. Our solutions are central to digital strategies and services. By partnering with us, you can strengthen your offering, do more business, and expand your footprint with your clients.

We recognize the importance of continuous support. We offer a clear partner program to support you at every step of our relationship, technology, processes, and business topics.

We offer you partnership programs to connect with us and benefit from lucrative business models. Our idea behind the partnership program is to collaborate with businesses and create significant value out of it - for collective growth. We always aim toward a win-win situation and encourage value-driven practices. We believe in leveraging the value of the business by bringing resources and plans together on a single platform.

What We
DO ?

With over 300+ startups & business projects in our association, we as a software development company offer a wide range of services, including website work, mobile application development and digital marketing requirements. Check our services below:


No matter who you are and from which industry you belong, Makes360 is here to facilitate your brand's online venture! Our highly customized team brings each client a deep industry knowledge to offer qualified and business centric solutions.

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