Makes360's digital pack for SCHOOL! One stop destination to bring your school on internet.

A school website used by many groups such as Parents, Students, Staff/Administration, Community and must by the local peoples of the school's area.

Before actually visiting school, Peoples are like to go through virtual visit to school through there website. So website makes an important first impression.

What information you can get on School Website ?

Calendars for school activities, school schedules, and bus schedules.
School news, achievements & learning activities.
Policy statements, documentations of school, list of staffs.
Information about extra-curricular activities.
information of Board of Education resources - board members, trustees etc
A forum or discussion page for teachers, administrators, students, and parents to exchange information such as news and calendars of events.

Digital pack for school
Digital pack for school

Makes360's digital pack for SCHOOL! Contains following items

1. One Advance Statics Website

“It is too costly to get online,” you might say or “I don’t have the time to build a website.” With Makes360's digital pack for SCHOOL, you can:

A domain for your school identity : as is a domain name, as is A domain name serves as the business address on the internet. You cannot have a website without a domain name!

Just as the street address helps customers find your shop or office, the domain name helps customers find your website online. They simply type it in to call up your school website on internet.

Once you’ve chosen a domain name, Makes360 will use this name to create your business email and Advance Statics Website for your school.

Hey, you do not need to frighten with this things, Makes360 can help to you on each and every step.

2. One Facebook Page for your school

Now a days most of students and parents are on social networks and facebook is one of of theme. Makes360 provide you a Business Facebook Page that contains up to  5,000 Likes with a good quality of audience from your local area of school.

We make for you FREE content for 28 DAYS for your facebook page, after launching. Page is ranked in search engines, linked with your website and mostly with your school.

Feel free to give access, 100% secure and have guarantee that your data is secure here. Facebook page is separate things this will not show your personal profile or data to public unless you want.

3. Three Professional E-mails

Also included with Makes360's digital pack for SCHOOL are three email address that makes you look professional.

Sure, that Gmail account is free, which makes it attractive to cash-strapped startups. But those who receive your emails will have trouble telling if you’re a legitimate business, since anyone (even spammers) can get a Gmail or other free email account.

Makes360 automatically creates a professional-looking email address for your school. The email accounts are as,, etc.

Has your domain name/business name right in it. Will work across your phone and desktop to keep you connected wherever you are. With Makes360, you can rest assured that your email is secure and spam-free.

4. One android application

Also included with Makes360's digital pack for SCHOOL is one advance android application. This application is mostly for the students of the schools and for there parents.

This application will available on google play store, anyone can download it from there. The school administrator can protect it by student id or password (optional).

Android application of school may contains multiple things such as Notice, Holidays, Time table, School schedule, Daily homework, Absent report,  Image gallery, Test results, Admission inquiry and many more things as per as requirements.

5. Digital advertisement* worth of ₹4000

Makes360's  digital pack for SCHOOL has digital advertisement plan powered by Google ads and Facebook ads. Makes360 have excellent department for digital advertisement that can help to reach more peoples at low cost. Makes360 believe in conversion of client in to your business.

Digital advertisement secluded according to the need and time. This pack Contains free digital advertisement of Rs.4,000 worth! Don't worry, a dedicated bill sleep and documentation sent by Makes360 to you including leads and conversion.

* Digital advertisement is optional, you need to pay Rs.2500 extra to get digital advertisement worth of Rs.4000.

SUMMERY! Items in Makes360's digital pack for SCHOOL

➥ 1. One advance statics website for school.

➥ 2. One facebook page for your school.

➥ 3. Three professional E-mails.

➥ 4. One android application.

➥ 5. Digital advertisement* (optional)


All pricing are included of GST i.e 18% of the total. (Under the IT services)

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